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Author: AESCHYLUS Trag.

Opus: Septem contra Thebas
Reference: Aesch.Sept.457

Period: Early Classical

Genre: poetry
Subgenre: tragedy
Gender: m
Context: military

Greek Text: καὶ μὴν τὸν ἐντεῦθεν λαχόντα πρὸς πύλαις λέξω: τρίτῳ γὰρ Ἐτεόκλῳ τρίτος πάλος ἐξ ὑπτίου 'πήδησεν εὐχάλκου κράνους

English Text: Now I will tell you about the man who next drew station at the gates. The third lot leaped out of the upturned bronze helmet for Eteoclus

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