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Opus: Iliad
Reference: Hom.Il.7.188

Period: Archaic

Genre: poetry
Subgenre: epic
Gender: m
Context: military

Greek Text: ἤτοι ὑπέσχεθε χεῖρ᾽, ὃ δ᾽ ἄρ᾽ ἔμβαλεν ἄγχι παραστάς, γνῶ δὲ κλήρου σῆμα ἰδών, γήθησε δὲ θυμῷ.

English Text: Aias held forth his hand, and the herald drew near and laid the lot therein; and Aias knew at a glance the token on the lot, and waxed glad at heart

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