Literary Record Details

Author: HOMERUS Epic.

Opus: Odyssea
Reference: Hom.Od.20.282

Period: Archaic

Genre: poetry
Subgenre: epic
Gender: m
Context: - Not Specified -

Greek Text: μοίρας δασσάμενοι δαίνυντ᾽ ἐρικυδέα δαῖτα: πὰρ δ᾽ ἄρ᾽ Ὀδυσσῆϊ μοῖραν θέσαν οἳ πονέοντοἴσην, ὡς αὐτοί περ ἐλάγχανον

English Text: they divided the portions and feasted a glorious feast. And by Odysseus those who served set a portion equal to that which they received themselves

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