Project’s Team

Principal Investigator: Irad Malkin

About - Project’s TeamIrad Malkin is the Israel Prize Laureate for History for 2014 and a Foreign Member of the Athens National Academy.  He is Professor emeritus of Greek history at Tel Aviv University, a Visiting Professor at Oxford University for five years (until 2022) and a co-founder and co-editor of the Mediterranean Historical Review (1986-2919). His research interests include ancient colonization, religion, myth, ethnicity, and network theory, and, currently, the role of drawing lots in antiquity and modern democracies. Aside from numerous edited books, he is the author of Religion and Colonization in Ancient Greece (1987); Myth and Territory in the Spartan Mediterranean (1994; French 1999); The Returns of Odysseus: Colonization and Ethnicity (1998; Italian, Hebrew 2004); Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Greece (Hebrew 2003); A Small Greek World: Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean (2011; French 2018; Greek forthcoming). From Egalitarianism to democracy: Drawing lots in ancient Greece (with a section by Josine Blok), forthcoming.


Assistant Researcher: Elena Iaffe

About - Project’s TeamElena Iaffe holds an MA (magna cum laude) in Classics from Tel Aviv University. Preparing the database, Elena has developed the methodology for the collection of the material and the classification of the texts. She has compiled all the evidence and organized the data in CSV files that provide the basis of Kleros database.