Literary Record Details

Author: HOMERUS Epic.

Opus: Ilias
Reference: Hom.Il.24.70

Period: Archaic

Genre: poetry
Subgenre: epic
Gender: m
Context: - Not Specified -

Greek Text: οὔ τι φίλων ἡμάρτανε δώρων. οὐ γάρ μοί ποτε βωμὸς ἐδεύετο δαιτὸς ἐΐσης λοιβῆς τε κνίσης τε:τὸ γὰρ λάχομεν γέρας ἡμεῖς.

English Text: nowise failed he of acceptable gifts. For never was my altar in lack of the equal feast, the drink-offiering and the savour of burnt-offering, even the worship that is our due.

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